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Travel Training information:

Bus travel can be complex. It can cause real anxiety and confusion for new riders. It is important to us here at APT that our patrons feel confident and at ease; if you or someone you care for needs more training on how to ride the bus than the information on this site offers, one-on-one travel training might be a good next step for you to investigate. The Athens County Mobility Coordinator offers general travel training; details are available via the County Mobility page. Some of the transit training program covers the Athens Public Transit System. If you are interested in exploring transit training, please contact County Mobility Coordinator Bryan Hinkle at 740-767-4500.

The completed form goes to Athens City Hall; it’s the same form and discount pass for APT and for AODT if one plans on paying every time they ride (ie. showing their pass then paying the discounted fare).

There is a 1-year discounted APT pass which would cover the cost of the fare every time someone rides for a year (only on APT, not AODT). So with that pass, a person will just show the pass that’s already paid for and not have to pay a fee.

There is never a fee associated with just getting the fare discount pass to use when paying for each ride, it’s free to get and can be used on both APT and AODT.


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